3 Secrets You Don’t Know About Wearing Eyewear Retainers

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3 Secrets You Don’t Know About Wearing Eyewear Retainers

Thank goodness, these are not your grandmother’s retainers. If you think the only eyewear retainer is that inexpensive faux silver or gold chain with a loop at the end for the temporal guards, you don’t know today’s retainers.

You might have once thought retainers were a device for making sure you didn’t misplace your optical eyewear or sunglasses.  Contemporary retainers are far more than a cord to help you remember where you last put your glasses.

Today’s retainers must perform well as part of your lifestyle. They are that extra pair of hands when you are already juggling the mail, your phone and your dog’s leash, keeping you from dropping your glasses. Retainers hold on to those glasses that slip off while you are trying not to lose your sunglasses while netting the fish you just reeled in.

These safety cords hold your eyewear in place and safe around your neck whether you take off your glasses or they fall off.

Retainers today are made from a wide variety of materials for highly individualized looks. Cords made of nylon, leather, natural fibers and ultrasuede are embellished with decorative items and even foam that will help your eyewear float when you drop them in the water.

Most people consider using retainers for casual wear and sportswear.

Casual retainers may be more highly decorated, using beads, seed and crystals on fine cords and chains.

Sports retainers for your eyewear are functional but also attractively designed. Whether you prefer cotton cords, flotation retainers, or retainers that firmly hold your eyewear in place during extreme sports, an array of choices in color, print, design and material will greet you.

You’ll also have to decide how you would like  to attach your lanyards to your eyewear. Some styles provide you with a loop that you slip over the temporal arm guards and adjust accordingly. This style is perfect for most casual wear or times when you are not physically active.

It the other type of retainers, a rubber at each end of the retainers fits snugly and securely onto the temporal guard, gripping your eyewear so it can’t become lost. Eyewear fashion houses such as Smith, Oakley, Wiley X and even Mont Blanc offer retainers for their eyewear, but you can also find plenty of retainer options for a personalized look to your sunglasses.

There are three secrets you must know when wearing a retainer with your eyewear:

  • Always remove your eyewear with both hands to reduce the torque on your frames.
  • Avoid pulling off your glasses and letting the retainer “catch” them.
  • Never leave your eyewear hanging by the retainer in you car; in fact, don’t leave your plastic eyewear in your vehicle at all. The excessive heat can warp the frames.

Eyewear retainers may be just the thing to jazz up your eyewear; change your eyewear retainers frequently to create new looks that complement your eyeglasses and keep those sunglasses on you at all times.

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