Function or Fashion – Why Not Both?

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Function or Fashion – Why Not Both?

Who doesn’t like a great-looking pair of sunglasses? After all, sunglasses can vitalize any wardrobe choice; they are an all-around accessory of choice for many women and men because of the statement sunglasses can make.

No matter how tempted you are to grab the first pair of sunglasses that look awesome on you or complement a certain ensemble, be sure those sunglasses have the necessary protections for your eyes, or you may discover that after years of skimping on adequate protection, your eyes are suffering from health issues that could have been avoided.

Researchers have discovered that those who work outside without proper eye protection on a regular basis develop cataracts more than those who shield their eyes adequately. In addition, frequent and prolonged exposure to sunlight may experience macular degeneration in their later years.

That’s not you? You may still be at risk if you live in high altitudes or have lighter colored eyes.

Purchase sunglasses that filter 99% of UVB light and at least 95% of UVA light. You will know them by the sticker on the lenses stating their ability to filter out ultraviolet light. If you are still not sure, ask.

If your lenses block UV light at the recommended levels and they are polarized, that’s even better for your eyes. Polarization will help to filter glare, which bounces off the surfaces around you, including cars, concrete, buildings, sand, and water. Minimizing exposure to glare can be especially important if you work around the water or other high-glare locations.

While light-colored sunglasses are popular, be aware of how much you wear them throughout the day. They don’t really help with blocking the sun; you need lenses that are at least 70% dark for that; the darker the filter, the better for your eyes. In fact, you may find that wearing very light-colored lenses actually do more damage to the eyes when worn exclusively.

Consider, too, the frame style and lens color you select. Oversized or wraparound frames may be the right choice for you if you plan to be at the beach all day. Amber lenses are excellent choices for those who need to filter out blue light; fishermen and pilots especially find them useful. Sports enthusiasts may benefit from a general-purpose gray lens that filters glare without distorting colors.

Today’s fashion houses have created astounding frames that not only look great on you, they also provide the kind of protection you need for your eyes. You don’t have to sacrifice fashion for function; you can have both.

You may wish to consider getting a different pair of sunglasses if yours are too light or do not filter ultraviolet light as recommended. Function and fashion can go hand in hand, and what could be better than owning several spectacular pairs of sunglasses?

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