5 Myths You Should Not Believe About Your Eyes

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By: Designer Optics

There are myths, urban legends and just plain bad advice about everything you can think of, including your eyes and vision. With many of our beliefs handed down for generations, it becomes difficult to sort out what is fact and what a mom made up to get her kids to eat their veggies. When it comes to something as important as the way you see your world, relying on myths is not good enough. Here are 5 of the most common, and the truth behind them:

  • If You Sit Too Close to the TV You Will Need Glasses

This is definitely one of those times when fact got turned completely around. There is no evidence to support the notion that sitting too close to the TV causes permanent damage to the eyes, but plenty to show that sitting too close to the TV is a sign that you may need glasses. Imagine the 1950’s family with their first TV box and Junior’s sudden need for glasses. Of course they thought the TV was to blame, when in fact it actually helped to diagnosis a vision problem that he probably already had.

  • Put a Raw Steak on a Black Eye

There is no logical explanation as to why this would help ease the pain of a black eye, unless it is frozen. Even then, it should be wrapped in plastic to avoid bacteria getting into the eye and making matters worse. Cold therapy does reduce the swelling and pain of a black eye, but you should also check in with your eye doctor to rule out the possibility of any internal damage to the eye.

  • Dark Sunglasses Will Protect Your Eyes From the Sun

They will cut down on the glare slightly, but unless they have special UV blocking agents on the lenses, they are providing no real protection. UV protection is just like sun rays, you can’t see them, making it possible for even clear glasses are giving you better protection than a pair of cheap dark sunglasses without UV protection.

  • So Long as You Can See Fine You Don’t Need to Have Your Eyes Checked

An eye exam encompasses more than just reading the letters on the wall. There are certain diseases and conditions of the eye, such as glaucoma, that are checked for as well as other indicators of serious issues with your overall health, such as high blood pressure. Don’t skip on your yearly eye exam just because you don’t yet need to sit too close to the TV.

  • Wearing Someone Else’s Glasses Will Damage Your Eyes

No it won’t, but it might give you a headache. If your own prescription has changed, but you haven’t changed the lenses, you will be causing extra strain on your eyes as they try and adjust. Make sure that you are having your vision checked regularly with your current prescription to make sure that it is still correct.

What does cause the most damage to the eyes is misinformation that is passed around as fact. For the best advice on your vision needs, you should always seek the opinion of a licensed eye doctor.

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