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As you probably know, I’m constant striving to be the most competitive player in the business when it comes to both the newest and best frames, as well as unbeatable prices. I do this because I truly believe that your clothes and your eyewear are an important part of your identity, aren’t they?

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What we choose to wear can make us unique and stand out from others we hang out with either personally or professionally.

I was talking about this with a good friend of mine a few days ago – she works in a pretty large office. As she was working one day, she heard a group of women shrieking followed shortly by loud laughter so she went to investigate what had happened.

Turns out that both women had the EXACT same blouse on! When they first saw each other, it caused them so much alarm that they started screaming and then starting laughing about how funny the situation was. But as my friend noted that even though they had the same blouse on, one wore pants and the other wore a skirt, one of them wore glasses, and they both had very different hairstyles and jewelry. Unless they were standing next to each other, you most likely wouldn’t have noticed that wore the same blouse because of how they created their own look.

It’s easy to change your look with accessories, especially your eyewear, and make your own fashion statement. People usually look at your face first before they look at your outfit. They will also notice more about your behavior and that’s why your eyewear can make a powerful impact to your business and the first impression you create will depend on them.   

Make sure you choose fashion eyewear that helps you to make an impactful statement at work.

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Aron –

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