Important Tips to Clean, Protect and Maintain Your Designer Glasses

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Important Tips to Clean, Protect and Maintain Your Designer Glasses

Your eyeglasses may look great to others, but they won’t be doing your vision any favors if they are not being properly maintained. Designer eyewear is an investment in your vision, and needs to be taken care of daily.

Storage of Your Glasses – An eyeglass case or holder is essential for taking care of your glasses, even if you wear them all day long. Sleeping with your glasses on will cause them to break, and you need a safe place to rest them in at night. If that is the case, a soft pouch is fine for storing your glasses overnight to keep them protected from dust and dirt.

If you wear your glasses intermittently throughout the day, buy a sturdy box-like case for your glasses. These will protect them from being damaged when you bump your pocket against another object, or from contact with all of the other items you have in your purse.

Cleaning Cloth – Are you one of the thousands of people ruining your glasses everyday by cleaning them with a paper towel or tissue? As soft as these may feel to you, they are abrasive and slowly scratching away at the protective surfaces of your lenses. A microfiber cloth will not hurt your glasses lenses and can be stored right inside of the case.

Cleaning Liquid – We colloquially refer to them as glasses, but since the 1970’s, your eyewear has not been made using glass. Spraying them down with window cleaner may strip away at the coatings. You can purchase cleaning liquid from a designer eyewear retailer, or make one using mild dish soap and water.

Repair Kit – Is a missing nose pad leaving behind a red mark? If you had an eyeglass repair kit, you could put it back in place in about 2 minutes. These handy boxes usually come with an extra set of nose pads, a small screwdriver and screw and a magnifier to help you see the tiny parts. You should also periodically check the temples, and gently tighten any loose screws before they fall out entirely.

When Should You Not Wear Your Glasses?

Despite being durable and of high quality, there are certain activities that put your designer eyewear at risk for being damaged or ruined. If you are a sports enthusiast that needs your glasses to play, consider wearing protective masks over your glasses or investing in second pair made for sport wear.

You should also not be showering and styling your hair with your glasses on. Screws and other parts are made with metal and could become to rust when exposed to water and steam for long periods of time. Styling products like hair spray will form a sticky film on your glasses that becomes a magnet for dirt and dust. If on the lenses, this will impede your vision.

By taking care of your glasses daily you are ensuring that they will last you, at least until your next prescription change. Take the few extra minutes to keep your designer glasses clean, and they will continue to help you see great and look fabulous.

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