One Technique Makes All the Difference in Luxury Eyewear

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One Technique Makes All the Difference in Luxury Eyewear

Owning luxury eyewear is part of coming into your own, like a rite of passage. High quality optical eyeglasses and sunglasses suggest that you take responsibility more seriously, and you understand that a well-made product is not necessarily the most expensive if you can compare cost to longevity.

Selecting the right luxury eyewear can make the difference in your chosen frames if you know what to look for.

Let’s assume that you are less interested in metal frames and more interested in plastic frames. Non-metal frames are often lighter, slimmer and more colorful than other available frames on the market. So how do you spot the better frames? Should you go with injection molded or hand formed plastic? After all, plastic is really nothing more than cellulose acetate.

The injection molding process consists of melting zyl, or cellulose acetate. This colorless molten plastic is then poured into molds. Once the plastic cools and hardens, the frames are removed and painted with the color of choice; even prints can be applied before a final coating treatment. However, because the color is added after the manufacturing of the frames, you may discover your frames losing color. It often flakes and peels off, leaving you with plastic frames as colorless as the day they came out of the injection mold.

Hand-formed plastic goes through an entirely different process. The cellulose acetate is rolled, pressed and has color applied to it; the process repeats multiple times, until the acetate is formed into a block and allowed to cure. Then the block is carved

The benefits of hand-formed zyl are many. With this product, you get more durable frames that are far less likely to snap apart under stress. You’ll also appreciate the rich tones of color produced by the hand formed zyl. Each pair of frames will appear unique; although the colors used are similar, patterns such as Havana are never quite the same in any two pairs of eyeglasses. Italy and Japan make the best zyl on the market, and Italian manufacturers such as Luxottica and Marcolin make the best designer eyewear.

If you guessed that hand-formed frames are more expensive than their injection molded counterparts, you’re right. You’re also right if you think luxury eyewear will last longer than cheaper eyewear frames that have been produced through injection molding processes.

High-end luxury eyewear designers have relied on hand-formed cellulose acetate for their frames for a number of years now.

The cost of these frames may seem prohibitive at first, but high-end luxury eyewear frames offer you long lasting style and durability, through season after season of wear.

Now you know. The decision to buy quality frames for your eyewear needs is in your hands.

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