The Luxury Tinted Sunglasses You Want for Wimbledon

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The Luxury Tinted Sunglasses You Want for Wimbledon

Should you be fortunate enough to get Debenture tickets for the tennis event of the year, there’s no better place to flaunt your fashion style than courtside at Wimbledon.

Your clothing for the tennis matches should be cool and comfortable, of course, but keep in mind that your selection will define you as you try to impress the other spectators and the millions viewing on TV. So will your accessories.

The one accessory you cannot afford to do without for a day of outdoor sporting events is your luxury tinted sunglasses.

When selecting the frames to complete your ensemble, pay particular attention to the lens color in them. While this matte black frames may be gorgeous, and the Dolce & Gabbana DG 4230 Almond Flowers Sunglasses 501/87 add exceptional embellishments to an otherwise plain frame, keep in mind that the color of your luxury tinted sunglasses matters.

The tennis courts are no place for amber or brown lenses unless you need to differentiate between the grass courts and the sky. Although this tint will help you see the difference between greens and blues, making them stand out vibrantly, these luxury tinted sunglasses won’t make you Wimbledon ready because of the color distortion you’ll experience.

Instead, you may find that grey or gray green lenses often provide the best clarity. These two colors, above all other, are favored by sports enthusiasts who track fast moving balls, and certainly, because the balls can mover across the court at more than 125mph, tennis meets that description.

For outstanding sunglasses with grey lenses look no further than the Burberry BE 4160 oversized sunglasses. Not only do they offer classic style, they also have the right lenses for you.

Another trendy choice in luxury tinted sunglasses is lavender lenses. The nice thing about this color is that the lavender is really a blueish hue that has been tempered with just a little red, making the color resist glare better than blue by itself. Best of all, you’ll see your surroundings authentically. The color you see is the true color of the object.

Try the Jimmy Choo JCH Sophia Sunglasses 0DLN in nude. These nude oversized acetate frames are embellished with sparkles along the brow line, but the real impact of these sunglasses comes from the lavender lenses. They are a subtle fashion complement and necessary vision enhancer if you’ll be at the matches.

If you are a traditionalist, try grey or grey-green lenses for your corseted accessory. Should you prefer a trendy fresh color, go with lavender. Then all you have to do is select the right couture to compliment your sunglasses.

The next step in sun protection is to get polarized lenses. Your polarized luxury tinted sunglasses will reduce the glare created by the courts, and you won’t miss a single serve or volley.

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