What You Need If You Wear Contacts

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What You Need If You Wear Contacts

Your contact lenses make it possible for you to see without using eyeglasses, so why bother with optical eyewear or sunglasses? After all, you’ve worn your contacts for years, without any need for the frames you found so heavy, and you plan to keep wearing contacts for as long as you can.

Even though you rely on your contact lenses, you still need one pair of optical frames and at least one pair of sunglasses.

Optical frames

There will be times that it is not possible to wear your contacts lenses. All it takes is a scratched cornea or a common case of conjunctivitis, and you won’t even want to wear those contacts – nor should you. Allergies, too, can make just the thought of putting in your contacts a disagreeable one, especially if that pollen is making your eyes itch.

If your vision depends on those lenses, you will need a back up pair of eyewear frames.

Having a pair of backup eyeglasses is also useful for those times when you are not wearing your contacts and need to see something quickly, especially when you wake up in the middle of the night.


Sport tint lenses are available for your contacts, but again, you really should have a back up pair of sunglasses for emergencies when it’s not possible to wear contacts. Some people prefer wearing sunglasses with their contacts.

Contact lens wearers also know that their eyes can be more sensitive to light than the eyes of those who do not wear contact lenses, and having sunglasses can make the difference in seeing well and comfortably outdoors.

Sports enthusiasts who also wear contacts may want to consider getting additional pairs of sunglasses, because each sport benefits from eye protection that is tinted for specific conditions. Having sunglasses allows you to adjust more quickly when going from the outdoors to the indoors; you don’t have to worry about losing your contacts at the beach or in the snow if all you are doing is removing your sunglasses. If you select the tint of your sunglasses lenses, you may have several pairs of sunglasses so that you can transition easily form activity to activity.

Eyewear today

If you have been wearing contact lenses for quite some time and already rely on a much older pair of optical eyewear or sunglasses, you might consider upgrading those eyeglasses.

Not only are today’s frames much more fashionable than those of the past, but they are also much more lightweight and comfortable. Today’s frames are also far more durable than the frames from years ago.

You just may enjoy having that backup pair of eyewear.

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