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Why Children’s Prescription Eyewear Matters Right Now

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Why Children’s Prescription Eyewear Matters Right Now

Like many parents of kids who wear prescription eyeglasses, you are probably conscientious about where those glasses are and how well they are taken care of, especially if they seem like a second (or third) thought to your child.

Young wearers of eyeglasses need annual vision check ups, and they also need their prescription eyewear replaced.  Sometimes you can tell if a visit is needed even before the annual check up appears on your calendar.

Signs that your child may need a prescription eyewear update include a tendency to “forget” to wear her eyeglasses, rubbing her eyes and getting headaches, avoiding homework and no longer enjoying reading for pleasure.

Getting the right prescription eyewear is every bit as important as making sure you fill the prescription for corrective lenses. No matter how well the lenses will correct your child’s vision, they do no good if your child won’t wear them, and right now is when kids should be wearing their eyeglasses.

You can avoid this issue by getting frames from some of the luxury designers of eyeglasses that children love to wear. These include perennial favorites like Ray Ban Junior and X Games, who cater to kids on the go with active lifestyles — like your kids.

With school back in session for the spring semester, you can bet that teachers are preparing their students for the high stakes testing that takes place across the nation every year. That means classroom time packed full of instruction, tutoring time that includes reteaching and time spent on learning test-taking strategies.

Those students who can’t see the materials well or who get frequent headaches are at a disadvantage when it comes to taking — and passing — the high stakes tests that can determine promotion to the next grade level. Often, when kids can’t see clearly, they give up, even though they know the material.

The time to worry about new eyeglasses is right now, while there’s still time for a vision exam and ordering the frames and their lenses. Getting these eyeglasses before testing begins will mean that your child will have a chance to get used to the new eyewear before the critical testing days.

You hate the days of standardized testing, your kids hate it, and the teachers hate it too, but accountability is here to stay. The best you can do is make sure your test-taker gets a good night’s sleep, eats a good breakfast on the day of the test and wears the prescription eyewear you got for him.

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