The 6 Premiere Luxury Sunglasses Brands You Want to Meet

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If you have ever bought an expensive designer piece of clothing or accessory, you know that a fabulous wardrobe item is something you’ll likely use forever.

Sure, it can be a pricey investment, but it’s likely that it will last longer, too. Suddenly the cost seems far more affordable when you know you’ll be leveraging the initial outlay over a long period of time.

Naysayers will quickly point out that premiere luxury designer sunglasses are an expense that you can do without, but savvy consumers recognize real quality in both product design and the materials used. They get that sometimes you are going to have to pay a bit more to get a superior product, and the best made products do not have to be frequently replaced.

The same is true of designer luxury sunglasses.

While some may scoff at the high prices, you know that you really do get what you pay for. A good pair of sunglasses is an investment in yourself.  Besides, it’s possible to get great deals on authentic designer sunglasses from famous premiere luxury sunglasses brands if you know where to look.

Here are six premiere luxury sunglasses brands you are going to want to know better:

  • Burberry – Count on Burberry to create fresh new designs that can withstand the test of time. Known for their standard check pattern, which you can find on their sunglasses, Burberry also brings you innovative styles that can always be part of your fashion.
  • Celine – You might be tempted to think Celine is about understated, posh looks, but in reality, Celine is a versatile design house committed to fashion experimentation. They have everything from aviator styles to zany, fun fashions.
  • Dolce & Gabbana – For luxury sunglasses that drip with sex appeal, turn to this premiere luxury sunglasses brand from Italy. Dolce and Gabbana adds verve and confidence to their designs. You’ll not only look like a hot million bucks, but you’ll feel that way, too, when you turn heads as you walk down the street.
  • Persol – Only Persol defines excellence in sunglasses by delivering a sense of sophistication that is unparalleled. Every frame is elegant, refined and exclusive.
  • Salvatorre Ferragamo – For classic style reminiscent of the Hollywood era of the past, turn to Salvatorre Ferragamo. Your sunglasses will be the product of great attention to detail and traditional design lines, which is what this Italian designer is known for.
  • Tom Ford – American style and good looks come easy with Tom Ford eyewear; they are incredibly popular among celebrities.

Some fashions are so classic that they never really go out of style. That’s also true of the sunglasses from premiere luxury sunglasses brands like these and others found at Designer Optics.

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