Bongo Prescription Eyewear Makes Fashion Fun Again

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The eyewear market for discriminating juniors and youthful women can be particularly narrow, especially if you are searching for optical eyewear that looks fab and costs little.

Regardless of you real age, some styles may seem “too old” for you, and yet others are too youthful. After all, the time to pretend that you are a fairy tale princess is long past. Now it’s time to establish your own unique style with the accessories you wear, and that includes your prescription eyeglasses.

If you’re looking for eyewear that’s a whole lot of fun without being pretentious, you’ll want to take a look at Bongo eyewear. The sleek, chic styles from this luxury designer offer juniors, young women and the young at heart a look that is confident and alluring.

Bongo is about far more than just good looks. At the center of the lighthearted Bongo prescription eyewear sense of style lies serious craftsmanship and design.

Shapes and colors

You’ll find frames that look good because their design shape flatters you face. With everything from rectangle frames to those sexy cat eyes, you can the eyewear that suits you best.

Summery aquas and berry-like purples are favorite choice in the Bongo prescription eyewear line up, but there are plenty of neutrals from which to choose as well. For example, the Bongo BG 0164 eyeglasses are large square frames available in a black exterior and white interior or brown and beige.

The print selection in Bongo prescription eyewear ranges from sultry dark havana designs to airy designs displayed on the inner and outer sides of the temporal arms.


Bongo prescription eyewear relies heavily on plastic and cellulose acetate for their luxury optical eyewear frames. This means you get durable frames that will not fade or peel, and the saturated color will be as vibrant as the first day you took your eyeglasses out of the box.

The lightweight metal frames are just as durable as their plastic cousins, and the metal frames will create a cool and modern look that transitions well from professional life to leisure pursuits just as easily as they go from school to social activities.

You might not take yourself too seriously, but you can take Bongo eyewear seriously because these eyeglasses deliver the style and fashion fun you’re looking for. These eyeglasses are so affordable that you may find yourself purchasing several pairs of frames just so you can wear them with your different styles and moods.

And why not, after all? You don’t have to be a junior to wear Bongo prescription eyewear; you just have to have a youthful spirit.

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