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Do These Jimmy Choo Eyeglasses Me Look Big?

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Do These Jimmy Choo Eyeglasses Me Look Big?

Who isn’t concerned with size these days?

Your perception of size shows up in a variety of places, from those impossibly cramped airline seats to what constitutes one serving size of ice cream — it’s that small?, you ask — and size matters in your luxury Jimmy Choo eyeglasses, too.

It’s important that your Havana Jimmy Choo JCH 109 Eyeglasses 0EHO fit your face correctly. If these frames are too small for you, you’ll look like you are still wearing outgrown glasses, and if they are too big, your face will become lost because people will only notice your glasses. Either way, your luxury eyeglasses will become uncomfortable.

Your eye doctor can help you determine the size of Jimmy Choo eyeglasses needed for the perfect fit.

If you are already wearing prescription luxury eyewear, you’re in luck. The size likely appears in an inconspicuous place, like the inside of one of the temporal arms or on the bridge. The model number or color of the frames may appear first, and these numbers are often preceded by capital letters. Instead, look for sets of numbers without letters.

Look along the temporal arm of these Jimmy Choo JCH 109 eyeglasses, and you’ll see the numbers 5217-140.

Eye Size

The most critical fit is in eye size, which is the horizontal distance across the lens. Your eye size is designated by a two-digit number ranging from 40-62. Like any great pair of jeans, you might find yourself just as comfortable going up — or down — by one size, depending on the designer and particular style of frames.

These striking Jimmy Choo JCH 109 eyeglasses are 52mm across the frame.

Bridge Size

You might find that you have the most flexibility in your bridge size, which is indicated by numbers ranging from 14-24. This number measure the distance between the lenses. While it seems obvious that the bridge size on luxury eyeglasses would be on the bridge, you may find this number on the temporal arm right after the eye size and a square shape.

The number “17” in 5217-140 refers to the width of the bridge of the Jimmy Choo JCH 109 eyeglasses.

Temple Size

The temple size indicates the length of the temporal arms — an important thing to know if you want your glasses to rest comfortably behind your ears. Again, you might have some wiggle room here with the sizes. With the Jimmy Choo JCH 109 eyeglasses, the temples are 140mm in length.

When you are ordering luxury eyewear online from brands like Jimmy Choo be sure to search by the size you need. By ordering the right size of prescription optical eyewear online, you won’t have to wonder if your luxury eyeglasses make you look too big.

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