Featured Eyewear Brand – Ray Ban Sunglasses & Eyeglasses

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Featured Eyewear Brand – Ray Ban Sunglasses & Eyeglasses

You know you want them.

You want Ray Ban Sunglasses or Eyeglasses.

This brand of luxury eyewear stands above all others. Maybe it’s the Ray Ban legacy or the symbolism of these eyeglasses and sunglasses. Maybe it’s because they are so stylish.

Ray Ban was the original maker of sunglasses almost one hundred years ago. Their efforts in assisting pilots with reducing the blinding glare experienced in the cockpit of planes that began an entire industry. Little did Ray Ban know that they would set the trends for luxury designer eyewear over the next century.

The Ray Ban designer eyewear trend-setting began with the iconic Aviator frames, which consisted of teardrop-shaped frames meant to cover and protect the eye area. The green lenses filtered out mush of the sun’s glare without distorting the pilot’s color perception.

Next came the Wayfarer frames, which were trapezoidal frames angled ever so slightly to give the wearer an edgy, tough-stuff look, like James Dean from the 1950s when these frames were introduced. Since then, Wayfarers have waxed and waned in popularity among style-conscious trendsetters, but artists, musicians, writers and actors seem to have an affection for them regardless of this season’s trend.

Today, it’s not just the creative set that wears Wayfarers. Modern businessmen like Mark Zuckerberg have been caught in these comfortable luxury sunglasses.

The Wayfarer gave rise to the Clubmaster style, which combines the definitive brow of the Wayfarer with the metal rimmed lenses of the aviator, the difference being that the lenses are shorter than what you might find in the traditional aviator frames.

Don’t think that Ray Ban designer eyewear is caught in the past. Ray Ban has kept up in eyewear deign. As a result, you now have more choices than ever when you are looking to enhance your game and your wardrobe.

Today’s Ray Ban styles also offer you round, cat eye, phantos, butterfly and pillow shapes. And those Aviators you love? They also come in rectangle and square styles should you prefer frames that are less wide. Your Wayfarers and Clubmasters, too, have been reinterpreted for the 21st century, and contemporary Ray Ban designer eyewear is available in a variety of materials forged to be lightweight, hypoallergenic and comfortable.

With Ray Ban, you’ll have plenty of choices for lens colors, too. Their sunglasses come in a variety of choices so you can enjoy being outdoors without sacrificing the ability to see.

Stay fresh with today’s styles trends of pink and gold for favorite accents with sunglasses like the Ray Ban RB 3447 Round Metal Sunglasses 112/72 in gold or the Ray Ban RX 2447V Eyeglasses 5494 in Havana.

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