Floyd Mayweather Is No Welterweight in These Luxury Aviator Style Sunglasses

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Floyd Mayweather Is No Welterweight in These Luxury Aviator Style Sunglasses

Known for his remarkable talent in bringing in money for fights and his ability to consistently win in the welterweight boxing arena, the boxing legend born as Floyd Joy Sinclair came from a family of boxers.

Floyd had a rough childhood, but he credits boxing for turning him into the celebrity success you know as Floyd Mayweather; Jr. With forty-nine total fights and forty-nine wins, he outperformed other boxing superstars like Tyson and Holyfield.

Mayweather may have retired from boxing, but the one thing he has not retired is his great sense of style, especially when it comes to designer sunglasses. His particular favorite is luxury aviator style sunglasses.

You might have seen his tweets asking fans to guess which he would be wearing on a particular day.

With literally dozens of pairs of luxury aviator style sunglasses from which to choose, fans no doubt have a hard time deciding between wire frames or acetate frames, gold or gunmetal, solid color or havana print.

The decisions don’t stop there. Mayweather has traditional teardrop shaped aviator frames and bold geometric frames, too, like those from designer Cazal.

And there are the single bridge, double bridge and sweat bar frame to take into consideration. All in all, just selecting the right pair of luxury aviator style sunglasses can be timeconsuming.

Getting the right pair of luxury aviator style sunglasses doesn’t have to be that way for you, especially with the frames available through Designer Optics.

Some of the most preferred brands of pilot style sunglasses include Ray Ban, who is the original creator of this look; Ralph Lauren, whose designs personify the lifestyle look of the intrepid aviator, and Zegna Couture for over the top luxury and sophistication.

Try the Zegna Couture ZC 0002 Sunglasses 28N in shiny rose gold for the kind of style you can wear day in and day out. These classic cautious have subtle updates in their design, suggesting that you really know your luxury sunglasses.

For a unique look that is not easily replicated by other designers, get the Giorgio Armani AR 8039 Sunglasses 529573 in brown. This stunning pair of pilot style luxury designer sunglasses is striped brown plastic — think tiger’s eye striations — that feature silver metal insets alone the temporal arms. these are wide frames that make you appear to be a heavyweight in the world of sunglasses.

Floyd Mayweather is no welterweight in his luxury aviator style sunglasses; you won’t be either when you copy his style.

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