Getting the Most Out of a Luxury Chronograph Watch

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One of the most useful and enduring watch styles is the luxury chronograph watch.

Luxury chronograph watches have been in vogue for more than two centuries, and they are a favorite among those men and women who find the additional functions on these timepieces not only helpful but necessary.

The first chronograph was designed to help King Louis XVIII time multiple horse races. A quarter of a century later, the chronograph was redesigned to accommodate the need of its wearer to clear and reset the data on the watch, and although the rest is, as they say, history, the chronograph continued to mark time in history.

When aviation first took off (pun intended), pilots relied on luxury chronograph watches for precision timing and quick calculations. They were a convenience for keeping track of multiple numbers. The usefulness of chronograph watches didn’t go unnoticed. They travelled into space, into racing and into the lifestyle of modern men and women. In fact, every highly technical field or hobby has relied on the use of a luxury chronograph watch.

It’s no wonder that watches like the Seiko SKS531 Luxury Chronograph Watch have retained their popularity among men and women who have a passion for technical pursuits and hobbies involving speed, distance or altitude. This Seiko chronograph is stainless steel watch with a white face and highly contrasting black accents that make reading the time quick and easy.

In addition to marking the current time, this watch, like all other luxury chronograph watches, also marks hours by military time, the minutes and the seconds. Each chronometer dial can be set to measure time independently of each other. It’s like having three separate stopwatches.

The stainless steel Seiko luxury chronograph watch is dressy enough to wear professionally and yet casual enough to accompany you on weekend jaunts when keeping track of time in multiple ways is necessary.

A luxury chronograph watch is a time writer, literally.

Chrono comes from a Greek words for time (chrono), and writing (graph). If you think about your luxury chronograph watch as a time writer, you’ll find an infinite number of ways to use your timepiece.

Some favorites include timing almost anything, from how long your eight-year-old can hold his breath to how to how quick today’s three mile run was.

You can also set the hour or minute hand to a future time, using the dial as a countdown timer.

And if something eventful has happened, like a fender bender or other incident, start the stopwatch feature on your chronograph. You’ll be able to report exactly when everything happened.

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