Luxury Designer Sunglasses to Wear at Big Gala Events

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Luxury Designer Sunglasses to Wear at Big Gala Events

Luxury designer sunglasses are exactly what you want to wear every day of the week for your eye protection needs, but they are especially necessary for those times and big gala events when you dress up for the evening . . . and it’s still daylight.

Your red carpet attire deserves the best in accessories. You wouldn’t carry your gym bag with you to stash your lipstick any more than you would wear your yard-mowing tennis with your Brooks Brothers suit.

What are you doing wearing cheap sunglasses with your formal attire?

No amount amount of plastic and pasty rhinestones will dress up your evening wear. IT takes luxury designer sunglasses to do that.

What should you consider when selecting the statement piece of luxury designer eye-wear to wear at your next gala?

What is the tone and style you are setting for event? If it’s poolside luxury, get your Guccis. Are you headed to a movie premiere or the theater? Have fun with Swarovski. You are limited to neither one style nor one pair of sunglasses. After all, there are places to go and people to see!

Think too about comfort. Do you prefer acetate, cellulose zyl or incredibly lightweight titanium for your sunglasses needs? Excessive heat may make acetate feel heavy on your face, especially if you wear make up.

If you saw singer and actress Zendaya Coleman at the Grammy’s, you likely noticed that she wore impossibly ginormous round sunglasses with metal frames. They were lightweight and looked lovely  with her tiny features. You can find exquisite round luxury designer sunglasses — look for the Jimmy Choo JCH Andie Sunglasses 0J7Q in rose gold and shiny black.

For modern and sleek couture, Fendi gives you Italian design that is based in traditions of posh luxury and reinvented as contemporary couture.

Over the top style comes to you from Zegna Couture. This design house features premium sunglasses designed to make a profound statement about the wearer. Don you tux and your Zegna Couture ZC 0005 sunglasses 05A in black. These wayfarer styled frames in black acetate have been fitted with a double bridge across the brow, the second part of which is a metal rod.

The right sunglasses will make you feel as luxurious as you look.

You might not be in attendance at the Oscars, the Grammy’s or the Emmy’s, but for the big gala events in your life, wear your luxury designer sunglasses. They are the right choice when you want to dress up and stand shoulder to shoulder amidst couture-savvy socialites.

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