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Your Polarized Sunglasses Aren’t Any Good If You Do This

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Your Polarized Sunglasses Arent Any Good If You Do This

Many people make it a point to get polarized sunglasses. It’s often the first choice of many outdoorsmen and women because it has been so widely promoted.

Polarized lenses  are a fabulous advance in eye protection technology because they filter the bright bouncing light rays from glare caused by the sun and reflective surfaces such as pavement, water and even snow. Horizontal light rays create the kind of glare that can make it hard to see what you’re doing, and these speciality lenses, which are also available in some optical eyewear lenses, do not let in the horizontal light rays that make it so hard to see.

Polarization allows you to see true colors without distortion, and you’ll enjoy greater clarity, too. You may even discover that you have less eye fatigue when you wear polarized lenses.

Even the best polarized sunglasses, however, will do you no good if you must read digital displays outdoors.

Consider how prevalent digital displays have become. Pilots, for example, have reported difficulty reading not only their digital instrument panels but also their GPS systems, especially if tablet-based. You’re not a pilot? These sunglasses can still affect your vision.

Although polarization can reduce glare from the road, some car drivers find that the simple act of scanning their dashboards can create eye strain because the polarization on their sunglasses makes focusing on digital displays difficult. Difficulty with polarization shows up in other places as well. After-market tinting on your car’s windows may create a rainbow effect when you look through it.

The effect of wearing polarized sunglasses in these situations isn’t necessarily bad; it can just be annoying.

If you want to read an email of text on your phone, forget about it. The reason you see so many people reading their phones with their sunglasses pushed up on to the top of their heads is because they are wearing polarized sunglasses.

If reading digital displays while outdoors is important to you, consider getting a good pair of non-polarized sunglasses. Opt for sunglasses with tinted lenses, such as the TAG Heuer 27 Sport 6023 Sunglasses 806 in matte brown These sunglasses in particular, are an excellent choice because of the golf photochromic lenses. You’ll be able to see your golf app, too.

Although these sunglasses are not polarized, you won’t miss it. The golf photochromic lenses are a yellow tint that allow for greater clarity when distinguishing between the fairway, water hazards and the green.

Wear your polarized sunglasses when you are in bright light – working in the yard, playing tennis or other sports, enjoying an afternoon boating. These specially treated lenses are the perfect accessory and eye protection for anyone who spends a lot of time on or near the water.

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