Rectangle Valentino Prescription Eyeglasses to Love and Wear

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Rectangle frames have taken the number one slot as a favorite for wearers of optical eyewear. Maybe that’s because of how well this classic shape works for nearly everyone, regardless of their face shape, hair style or chair color, or anything else.

The shape is that many designers seem to prefer working with as well because its a frequently offered choice from many fashion design houses. No one, however can give you better rectangle prescription eyeglasses than Valentino.

Known for opulence in fashion, Valentino extends the same philosophy to eyewear. There’s no such thing as over-extravagant in the Valentino design house, but the Valentino designers certainly know about sex appeal, because every pair of rectangle Valentino prescription eyeglasses oozes seductiveness.

Rectangle Valentino prescription eyeglasses are the top of the line in designer optics. You can choose from full-rimmed, semi-rimmed and rimless styles, each styled in metal or luxurious cellulose acetate in an incredible array of colors and prints.

Great design doesn’t stop there. The temporal arms of the rectangle Valentino prescription eyeglasses add further style with embellishments and other interesting details. Whether you like bold, wide arms or delicate bands, you’ll find them at Valentino eyewear. Many of the temporal arms on the rectangle glasses feature specialty designs like a bow crafted in metal or and inlaid design along the arm.

Even within this one frame style, you’ll find plenty of options to fit your personality and style.

For example, if you’re worried that the rectangle lenses may seem a little harsh looking on your face, try the cornered rectangle Valentino prescription eyeglasses. These are seductive frames that soften the brow line and eye area with gently curved lines that accent your eyes rather than overpower them.

Frames like the Valentino V2122 eyeglasses in dark gunmetal will give you a sultry look, allowing you to flaunt one of your best assets — your eyes.  The temporal arms are a matte black, the gunmetal semi-rimmed frames are a shade lighter, and the lenses at the bottom of the frames are light and open.

For a real head-turner in rectangle fashion prescription eyewear, try the Valentino V2658R Eyeglasses 606 Rougenoir frames. They begin with rectangles frames that feature soft curves and edges, and then the temporal arms sweep downward and back toward the ear, creating a fluid line that dazzles the observer.

It’s true that rectangle optical eyewear frames don’t have to be boring. They have to be right for you, and with Valentino, that’s what you get: exciting frames that you’ll want to wear every day because they are the right choice.

Rectangle Valentino prescription eyeglasses are the frames to love and wear.

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