Regular Eye Exams – More Than Just Prescription Eyewear

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Regular Eye Exams – More Than Just Prescription Eyewear

You know those Ralph Lauren frames look stunning on you. They should. It took you most of the day to select just the right pair of frames for your prescription eyewear.

A fantastic pair of prescription eyewear glasses is important, and that may be what you are thinking when you visit your eye doctor, but there is much more to that eye exam than meets the eye.


Your eye doctor will check your vision for astigmatism, farsightedness and nearsighted. The good news is that your vision often can be corrected with prescription eyewear.


It’s important that your eyes work together as a team to focus on an object. If one eye is out of kilter, the brain will eventually stop receiving images from this eye, allowing the single “good” eye to do all the work. Again, quality prescription eyewear may be the key in helping both eyes team correctly.


Your eye doctor can see more than you might think. By examining your eyes, he or she may be able to tell you if you are at risk for having high blood pressure, diabetes or high cholesterol. You also will be checked for other conditions, such as macular degeneration, which can lead to blindness.

In addition, your eye doctor may check for glaucoma and other conditions that could damage your visual acuity.

Who needs an eye exam?

Get your children’s vision checked on a regular basis. Their ability to focus and see well can be the difference in doing well in school and avoiding important things, like homework. Your child might not know what normal vision is. Imagine seeing everything in your world as a blur – and thinking this is normal.

Older people should have their eyes checked regularly too to monitor vision loss. There’s a chance of developing a common condition called presbyopia, which is a decline in the ability to focus, during the aging process.

How often should you get your eyes examined?

Some people benefit from annual eye exams, and others need an eye exam only every few years. Check with your eye doctor for his or her recommendation, depending on your conditions. You’ll find than many doctors recommend eye exams every other year for children and annual exams for seniors.

Then what?

It may be time to pick out your new eyeglasses. Fashion designers provide you with an array of stylish choices for your prescription eyewear, and many of the frames available to you are so affordable that you could select several pairs of eyeglasses for your needs.

Even children have plenty of cool-looking and colorful options that will make them want to wear their glasses.


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