The Best Shooting Glasses for the Marksman

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The Best Shooting Glasses for the Marksman

Wearing eyeglasses that perform well in the field is critical to the marksman.

Whether you enjoy hunting or just target practice, high quality shooting glasses are paramount not only for visual acuity, but especially for your safety. The right tactical eyewear can keep foreign objects out of your eyes, and they can also provide additional comfort if you select the right features.

For example, streamlined or curved shapes tend to be easiest to use in the field because they are less likely to get in your way as you shoulder a rifle or adjust your hat. Opt for shooting glasses that protect your eye area. Some goggles are padded to help protect your face from recoil, and a sweat bar can keep sweat out of your eyes while you wait in a deer stand for that trophy buck to walk into your cross hairs.

Consider these special shooting glasses for your range bag.

The Oakley Tombstone

Oakley sought out the advice of the Army Marksman Unit in designing shooting glasses, and the results are phenomenal.

The expansive frames serve the dual purpose of protecting your area from hot shells, and these frames still allow for the best peripheral vision possible.

Like many other frames in the Oakley line, these shooting glasses have removable arms, allowing you to quickly change your lenses from clear to a light or dark shade of amber. The amber allows you to see images more sharply.

This tactical eyewear is not available in prescription lenses.

Wiley X Guard

Wiley X designs wrap-around shield-style shooting glasses that perform well for marksmen.

This tactical eyewear brand offers you shatterproof lenses made of polycarbonate in three colors: clear, amber and gray. These colors were selected for use in range and field conditions, especially when you need to reduce glare or see objects more clearly.

The nylon frames are lightweight and comfortable for hours.

These glasses are available in prescription eyewear, and you just might find yourself wearing them other times, too.

Smith Optics Elite

The Smith brand of designer eyewear offers several options of eye protection for the avid marksman, including the Aegis Arc, the Aegis Echo, the Director, Outside the Wire, and the Elite series.

Smith Eyewear offers lenses in clear, gray and amber colors for varying light conditions when you are shooting.

The eyewear by Smith outperforms many other brands in terms of ballistic protection and overall comfort. These tactical eyewear frames seem to provide a more comfortable fit due to having wider nose pads.

All of these designer brands offer far more than you get with a standard pair of shooting glasses. High-end tactical eyewear offers better visibility and protection because these glasses are designed to withstand impact; they also are a single lens, which is less likely to shatter or detach from the frame itself.

Having the best tactical eyewear possible should give you piece of mind, whether you are hunting or shooting for sport.

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