Stella McCartney Oversized Sunglasses

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You are not one of those people who simply grab a pair of sunglasses and head for the day. Your tastes are far more discriminating.

When you are ready for a day of eclectic style, you are ready for Stella McCartney oversized sunglasses.

This British fashion designer knows how to reinterpret classic style in new and fresh ways that delight every time. Stella McCartney’s knowledge of pop culture favorites and high fashion may have been inherited from her famous parents, Paul McCartney and Linda McCartney. Her parents’ talents in music — Paul belonged to the Beatles — and photography.

A veteran traveller and long-time London resident, Stella McCartney has assimilated ideas and design concepts from cultures around the world. Her trendy clothing and accessories define the modern woman, allowing for freedom of expression through couture style and luxury goods.

You’ll see this approach in the Stella McCartney oversized sunglasses. No other designer  creates such expansive frames with the confidence and verve that Stella McCartney displays.

When you wear Stella McCartney oversized sunglasses, you make a statement. You’re saying that you too are ahead of pop culture trends and appreciate eclectic style in the accessories you choose to define you.

Two types of frames in particular, will take your breath away.

Square frames

If you are thinking you’ve seen about all the square sunglasses frames you care to see, you haven’t seen the Stella McCartney oversized sunglasses in square frames.

These square frames deliver real attitude with each new interpretation.

You can choose from modest neutral colors or intensely vivd hues, but the details and embellishments on many of the frames will be what speaks to your sense of style. For example, the Stella McCartney SC0010S Sunglasses 00HHZ043 are matte black frames with a wide brow line, accented at the top with a gold metal chain.

Cat eye frames

What could be more classic and simple that a pair of cat eye sunnies?

Stella McCartney oversized sunglasses have the answer to that question with a variety of 1950s style cat eyes that are more dramatic than you can imagine, thanks to brazen use of color.

The Stella McCartney SK0001S Sunglasses BBF4Z402 are sky blue frames accented with creamy turquoise temporal arms. The exaggerated corners of the cat eye frame draw upward sharply, as if in a playful gesture. If you want something more subtle, you’ll find the same frame style in tone on tone colors such as ivory, pink or black.

Many women adore cat eye frames because of their ability to make the face seem wider and more heart-shaped, and they accent your cheekbones like no other frame style. At any rate, you’ll lead the glamour parade with cat eyes frames from Stella McCarty.

The big sunnies from the Stella McCartney oversized sunglasses collection may be some of the best fun you can wear.

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