Take Candies Designer Optical Eyewear Back to School

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Heading back to school means you have to ramp up your fashion without looking like you tried to hard or didn’t try at all.

You don’t want to wear prescription eyeglasses that are uninspiring or cheaply made, but it’s easy to go overboard and spend too much on your optical eyewear unless you know where to shop for your frames.

Whether you want to be the valedictorian or the fashion diva of your school (or both!), Candies designer optical eyewear delivers excellent style that is as fun as it is affordable. It’s pop culture fashion at its sweetest.

Your frames are available in as many styles and shapes as there are types of candy. Some of the most popular styles include the square frames and the cat eye frames that accent your eyes and allow you to play up your eye makeup to create flirty appeal.

You’ll find rimmed as well as semi-rimmed frames designed to supplement your look, whether you wear your dress up clothes or just your favorite jeans and a tee.

With colors taken from every confection imaginable, you have plenty options for your optical eyewear needs. Tangy citrus colors, rich toffees and chocolates and bold lollipop colors are all part of the offerings from Candies designer optical eyewear in their luscious frames.

One of the best treats in these frames is the combination of colors, much like a flavor explosion. You can savor cherry reds combined with creamy white, licorice black or cotton candy pink, like the Candies CA 0135 Eyeglasses 068 in red.

These gorgeous frames are a rich red on the outside, lined with confectioner’s pink color on the inside of the frame. You’ll love how these frames include adjustable nose pads that allow you to create a fit individualized for maximum comfort. The notepads are perfect for active young women who participate in plenty of extracurricular events because these frames are far less likely to slip down your nose. They’ll stay where you want them to stay while you’re at play.

Candies know how to create the kind of prescription eyeglasses that fit both your style and your budget. They have been providing prescription eyewear in fantastic designs and colors long enough to have mastered the art of pop culture fashion. It’s fresh and fun, just like your sense of style.

Candies designer optical eyewear creates an energy all its own, which is why pop stars like Brittney Spears and Fergie wear these scrumptious luxury frames.

Who doesn’t want to take candy to school? You can with Candies designer optical eyewear, and there’s a strong sense of sweetness in that.

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