The Ultimate Luxury Eyewar for Picky Wearers

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The Ultimate Luxury Eyewar for Picky Wearers

Sure you’re the type of person who is picky.

There’s a good reason for that pickiness, and you like to think of it as a personal standard of excellence, even though others may think you’re just being extreme. You’re not extreme, you’re exceptional, and everything you do, own and even wear is exceptional too.

Why shouldn’t your luxury eyeglasses be exceptional? They will be if you take the materials, hinges and temporal arms into consideration.


When you commit to wearing the best in designer luxury eyeglasses, you establish a higher standard of quality. The frames you select will be made of superior metals, like titanium. You prefer hand-rolled zyl for your cellulose acetate frames, and your luxury eyeglasses will be treated with protective, scratch-resistance coating.

The Hugo Boss BHB 0036 Eyeglasses in opaque olive are a color-treated titanium worth looking into if you desire a lightweight fit and something more contemporary than traditional silver or gunmetal frame colors in metal eyewear.

Cellulose acetate makes some of the most interesting patterns and rich color combinations, as in the cognac-striped Karl Lagerfeld KL774 eyeglasses.


You may also discover that you become more particular about the hinges that attach the temporal arms to your frames. You begin to prefer spring hinges over barrel hinges, because even though the spring hinges are more difficult to adjust or repair yourself, you recognize that barrel hinges will not give you the grip or memory fit that you want.

Montblanc is one of many designer brands offering superior quality in their eyewear. Try the Montblanc 0474 Eyeglasses in shiny endura gold for hinges that will make you smile with pleasure every time you put on and take off your eyeglasses.

Temporal arms

Finally, seemingly small things will matter to you, especially when it comes to the inlays and other adornments of the temporal corners and arms of your luxury eyeglasses. Traditionally simple frames fit the bill for some occasions, but for others, you want to go all out with statement pieces. That’s really no different than wearing casual or formal clothes, and of course your luxury eyewear must have the same versatility.

The Valentino V2672 eyeglasses in claret red are a simple and alluring cat eye frame in red, and each temporal arm is fitted with a silver at each corner. The silver adds elegance and style, keeping the possibly overpowering color in balance.

Likewise, you can feel the elegance of Gucci and appreciate the inlaid gold on the temporal arms of the Gucci 1053 Eyeglasses in black.

Go ahead. Get the best and be the best with the ultimate in luxury eyewear.

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