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Time to Replace Your Wiley X Cavity Seals

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There are two kinds of people in the world. Those who wear their Wiley X goggles all the time and those who who did’t plan far enough in advance and get replacement Wiley X cavity seals for their goggles.

First, let’s talk about the goggles. These Wiley X eyewear products are the penultimate eyewear protection, whether you work in an industry that requires you to wear goggles for your protection because of the dust, debris and even shrapnel, or you just want to ride your hog out on the open road.

Wiley X outfits those who are most serious about their eye protection, and they do it extremely well. Not only are these products some of the most durable sunglasses and optical eyewear choices on the market, but they also feature the patented Wiley X cavity seal.

The beauty of the Wiley X cavity seal lies in its ability to keep unwanted material out of your eyes. That means everything from large items like leaves and other debris to dust. These seals also prevent pollen from getting into your eyes. In fact, they even keep the wind from drying out your eyes, and they block peripherial light. No more itchiness and redness due to foreign materials or dried out eyes.

Unfortunately, your Wiley X cavity seals might not last forever.  You can expect the foam padding to wear a little bit over time, and eventually your goggles will be a little loose. That’s normal wear and tear. You might not have that perfect seal you once had, and your eyes will be sure to notice it because dust and pollen may afect your eyes, causing irritations.

The best time to replace your cavity seals is before they become too loose, and that means having the right seals on hand when you need them. Designer Optics offers a wide choice of cavity seals for your Wiley X goggles, including the Airrage, Arrow, Brick, Boss, Echo, Gravity, Knife, Sleek and Tide seals.

If you have not yet purchased additional seals for your Wileys, it’s not too late, and if you are buying Wiley X goggles for the first time, consider getting at least one replacement seal at the time of purchase. Your eyes will appreciate you for it.

The time to have your Wiley X cavity seals on hand is now. That way, you’ll never miss a day of getting to wear your Wileys.

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