The Timex Classic Mid-Size Ironman Watch Gets Tested

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The Ironman is no race for weekend athletes.


It’s a triathlon consisting of three individual and grueling races. Each of these races are demanding in their own right, but the triathlon requires the competitors to complete all three — a 2.4 mile swim, 112 miles of bicycling and a full 26.2 mile marathon, — in a single day.


Winning or even finishing a triathlon requires extensive training, strong discipline and focus on eating the right foods. Getting Ironman or Ironkid ready takes full-time commitment. You need equipment, a coach, a plan and a timepiece.


The Timex classic mid-size Ironman watch is lightweight enough to perform well on every mile of your journey, whether you are racing on land or in the water. That’s because this wristwatch is water-resistant to 100 meters, so it will be accurate every stroke, pedal and step of the way.


Easy to read digital numbers give you quick information so that there’s no need to stop and check your time. Taking a quick glance at your watch won’t break your stride. Every Timex classic mid-size Ironman watch also uses the Indiglo technology that creates a nightlight effect on the watch face.


The Timex T5K410JV IRONMAN Classic 30 Mid-Size Watch, for example, combines all these features into a seamless piece of timekeeping technology. There’s a 30-lap counter, and you have the ability to track split times. Monitor each individual race as well as your overall time.


You can find a Timex classic mid-size Ironman watch to coordinate with your favorite athletic clothes. Timex offers neutrals that go with anything you wear, and they also have Timex classic mid-size Ironman watches in the bright pastels or neon colors that match your Lycra workout clothes.


You’ll love this watch for its ability to go every mile with you.


The Ironman challenge is about more than physical stamina; it’s also one that requires peak mental endurance. Your Timex classic mid-size Ironman watch will keep you on track with timers and alarms for each portion of your race.


You don’t need to be Ironman- or Ironkid-bound to benefit from wearing the Timex classic mid-size Ironman watch. Even casual athletes benefit from the options that this watch can offer.


Whether you’re an Ironman fan, a first-timer or a finisher, let the Timex classic mid-size Ironman watch be your workout companion.

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