What You Must Know Now About Your Luxury Sunglasses

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What You Must Know Now About Your Luxury Sunglasses

Your luxury sunglasses can save your vision, but only if you wear them.

Ultraviolet (UV) rays can damage your eyes, causing cataracts, cancer and even blindness in some cases, and yet only half of the people who go outdoors wear their sunglasses. Less than one-third of sports enthusiasts wear proper eye protection.

Protecting your eyes is not much different than protecting your skin. Not having the right pair of luxury sunglasses can make the difference in damaging your eyes or protecting them from dangerous UV rays and debris. After all, you wouldn’t go out into the sun without sunscreen, right?

Properly safeguarding your eyes should be no different.

First, look for sunglasses lenses with UV protection. Wear your luxury sunglasses when you will be outside during daylight hours. No matter how tempted you are to dash out and “just get the mail,” you need to protect your eyes.

You may wonder if wearing a hat to shade your eyes is considered enough defense for your eyesight. The answer is “NO.” The surfaces around you can reflect UV rays, causing them to bounce and shine in your eyes, even if you are wearing a wide-brimmed hat. The cars around you, pools of water and even concrete can reflect searing light.

Furthermore, your luxury sunglasses are necessary in all kinds of weather. Overcast days can still emit harmful UV light. Your regular sunglasses may be too dark for these days, so consider having a second pair of luxury sunglasses with lighter lenses – as long as they are also UV resistant.

The better quality sunglasses are more likely to provide you with the coverage you need for your eyes. luxury sunglasses are made with quality, and designers know that you not only want to make a fashion statement, you want glasses that will help to preserve your eyesight. Many designers today offer UV-resistant lenses, polarization and other advantages that will help you perform at your best.

Other considerations

Do your children wear sunglasses? Kids especially need to wear protective eyewear; most vision damage occurs before adulthood but doesn’t show up until decades later in life.

Many prescription meds induce greater light sensitivity. You – or your children – may feel more comfortable wearing dark lenses, but even lighter lenses will be effective if they have been treated properly.

If you hate glare, be sure to ask for polarized sunglasses to reduce the rays of light reflected everywhere. Polarization can eliminate 100% of the glare caused by light rays that bounce off surfaces around you. Because glare can keep your eyes from discerning objects well, you may find that you need more response time for catching a ball . . . or stopping your car in traffic.

Your luxury sunglasses can provide you with the protection you need for outdoor activities.


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