Wiley X Protective Cases for Your Eyewear

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Finding the right pair of luxury eyeglasses or sunglasses is something. Finding the right protective case for them is everything else.

You know what it’s like when you’re in a hurry, and you drop those sunnies in your purse, tuck them in pocket or leave them on a seat. It’s easy to forget where you left them last, and before you know it, you shove something else in your purse, bend over (emptying the contents of your pocket) or someone sits down where you left your glasses.

Luxury sunglasses are more than a nice accessory; they are meant to protect your eyes. You should protect your sunglasses with Wiley X protective cases.

While it’s true that your Wileys are some of the most rugged eyewear available, they can still use a little extra help when it comes to keeping them intact and clean. The Wiley X protective cases have been designed with three things in mind: fit, style and protection.

Your Wiley X protective cases fit

Zippered cases provide the ultimate in protection because they safely house your eyewear. These case are one-size fits all devices that offer stability for your frames. The zipper allows for convenient and easy access.

Folding cases may provide the sturdiest protection, and Wiley X offers them in black and black with a lime green ruler.

Combine these cases with microfiber sleeves for your eyewear. Microfiber sleeves will keep lenses free of dust and fingerprints. No more constantly wiping smudges from your lenses.

Wiley X protective cases style

Tactical black is the preferred color for most Wiley cases, but you have other choices as well.  For example, the Wiley X WX Case Female Zipper Case DN380F features a denim blue background with a darker blue design.

Microfiber cases are available in a variety of military uniform colors, camo, lime green and, of course, black. Choose between sleeved and drawstring options.

Wiley X protective cases protection

The goal of any premium eyewear case is to keep your glasses safe and intact. Your protective case should prevent most crushing while keeping dust and debris off the lenses. You also want to avoid masking the lenses with fingerprints because you no one wants to be cleaning those glasses every single time you wear them. Your Wileys ought to be just as ready for the next adventure as you. Case protection can help in that regard.

You’ve loved your Wiley X eyeglasses, goggles and sunglasses. Ultimately, Wiley X protective gear is just as hardworking as your Wiley X glasses. When you order your Wiley X glasses, take the time to order the Wiley X protective case, too. You’ll keep that eyewear well-protected when you are not wearing them.

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