The Awesome Affect of Soviet Architecture on Designer Eyeglass Frames

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Make a Spectacle of Yourself With Some of the Most Creative Frame and Lens Designs Ever to Reach the Eyewear Industry

The world of designer eyewear is constantly evolving, with designers always looking for new ways to impress the industry. Some are ideas in the making that may appeal to specific markets, while others are outright goofy and meant to be worn in good fun. Take a look at what bored eyewear designers can come up with when they start to run out of real ideas:

Pierced Bridge Frameless Specs

You pierce your eyebrows, belly button and just about any other body part, so why not put a piercing to good use. If you have had enough of frames that need to constantly be pushed back up, why not mount them to the bridge of your nose. With small pieces of metal on either side of the nose, rimless lenses can be attached and worn with no worries about sliding down past the tip.

Designed by Oliver Gibson and James Sooy, the frameless lenses use magnets to attach to their mounting hardware pierced on your nose. Not yet available to the general public, this concept certainly will appeal to a certain set of individuals who have no trouble in taking a bit of pain in return for high fashion.

Sunglasses So Hot they Look Like They are Melting

Designers apparently get bored with the limited amount of frame shapes, so have created a design that is obviously dripping in unique flair. Large frames are adorned with what looks like melting wax dripping off of the temples, while wire frames bring that melted look to the lenses. These innovative sunglasses will make you appear as if you are just too hot to handle.

This design concept was first spotted on runways back in 2009, and has since been marketed for the masses by designer Ann-Sofie Back. Pick between a smoky gray or fiery red to further enhance that smoldering look.

Sometimes Silly Sells

Two silly concepts have been spotted that make wearing sunglasses fun again. The first are “black bars” which actually take the work out of barring your face if you happen to have your face photographed in an uncompromising position. These rectangular shaped sunglasses cover the eye section of your face from ear to ear, making it nearly impossible to discern your true identity.

The Rotterdam zoo has taken to handing out gorilla gawkers a pair of free sunglasses to help keep the giant monkeys at peace. The front of the lenses are fitted with photographs of eyes seemingly looking to the left, making it appear as if the tourists are not staring directly at the animal. No one is exactly sure why, but gorillas tend to get aggressive when humans try to stare them down.

Just like with any facet of fashion, eyewear can be made to be funky, fun and totally original. You may not have a purpose for all of these different designs, but they certainly will give you something to talk about.

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