Which Style Ray-Ban is Accessorizing Your Favorite Star?

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Since 1937 Ray-Ban has been the premier name in sunglasses. Originally designed for the newly introduced airline industry, the high quality and cool design of the Ray-Ban style quickly took a hold over all sunglass wearing consumers.

Starting back in 1955, when James Dean seduced the world as a rebel in his Ray-Ban Wayfarer’s, celebrities have been obsessed with the brand. Hot for the summer of 2015 is the Ray Ban Aviator RB 3025. This has all the classic elements that have allowed Ray-Ban to maintain its appeal for over 80 years, including a wire metal frame and the exaggerated lens to help block out the sun.

So who’s Wearing the Ray Ban RB 3025 Aviators This Summer?

It would seem that just about everyone in Hollywood has been photographed wearing this classy look in 2015. Tom Cruise ditched his “Risky Business” shades for the more sophisticated aviator style with blue tinted lenses, while Jennifer Lopez prefers a light brown lens to block her rays. Speaking of J-Lo, ex-husband Marc Anthony likes the black lens look for his Ray-Bans, keeping things dark and mysterious just like his persona.

Angelina Jolie’s better half – Brad Pitt – owns multiple pairs of the Ray Ban Aviators 3025, one with the jet black lens when he wants to hide and then a softer gray style for when out and about with the wife and kiddies. Those actually look eerily similar to a pair that Mrs. Pitt was wearing at a recent event, making us wonder if these two share everything. And while on the Ray-Ban Pitt/Jolie subject, did you know that even their kids sport shades from the Ray-Ban Jr. collection?

What about the Wayfarers?

The Wayfarer is arguably the most recognized Ray-Ban style, thanks to its role in a number of Hollywood hits. These are the sunglasses worn by Audrey Hepburn in the 1961 “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, but they are probably better known for their appearance on a young Tom Cruise whose only other attire when he slid into the room was a pair of socks and his boxers.

In fact, Tom Cruise has singlehandedly boosted Ray-Ban sales by close to 50 percent – two times. The first of course was with his “Risky Business” air guitar moves while wearing Wayfarers back in 1983. In 1986 he decided to make the world remember Aviators again by wearing his in practically every scene of “Top Gun”. This led to another 40 percent boost in sales for the company.

The ladies of Hollywood love the Wayfarer look too. Songstress Taylor Swift, A-lister Reese Witherspoon and British born Emily Blunt have all been spotted up and down Rodeo Drive trying to hide behind the super cool Wayfarer. We wonder if they pull the “Risky Business” moves when at home alone in their mansions.

Over the years, Ray-Ban has expanded its collection and its styles, adding colors and changing shapes to stay on top of the trends. Ironically, it is the classic Ray-Ban looks that the brand is still known for, and the ones you are most likely to your favorite star hiding behind.

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