Eyeglasses That Have Shaped the Way We See Frames

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Eyeglasses That Have Shaped the Way We See Frames

Thanks to pop culture, there are certain eyeglass styles that will forever be associated with a famous person in history. These styles are still being emulated by top eyewear designers allowing for the iconic look that a celebrity created to continue on. When you think of the following personalities, you are going to find it difficult to not automatically associate them with a certain style of glasses:

John Lennon

Round lenses set in a barely there metal frame defined the face of the late music legend John Lennon. This style in eyewear is classic vintage, being both professional and stylish, and closely resembles the eyeglasses worn by Harry Potter in the movies. The bridge is placed at exactly mid section to the round lenses completing the feel of perfect symmetry. The original pair that graced the ex-Beatles face were designed and crafted by the Japanese eyeglass company Hakusan, and today you’ll find designer variations being produced by some of the top names in fashion. Even if you are too young to know who a Beatle is, you know the face that was most often photographed behind these bookish glasses.


The bright red heart shaped sunglasses never appeared on film, but one publicity image was all it took to make these a legend. Flirty and fun, Lolita sunglasses were first designed to depict the personality of the book and movies’ leading character, youthful and free, with the slight hint of naughty hiding behind the dark lenses. Heart shaped glasses go back to the ‘50’s, but it wasn’t until the infamous image appeared on movie posters in 1962 that the fad was born. In the years following you find them popping up all over pop culture, worn by stars all around the world. They are still a big part of fashion eyewear today, with top designers like Prada taking the heart and designing chic sunglasses around it.

The Blues Brothers

The resurgence of the Ray-Ban Wayfarer is often credited to Tom Cruise and his Risky Business, but just two years earlier (and before a product placement deal had been signed) two brothers wore them first.  Jake and Elwood Blues first brought the Wayfarer back when they spent a few memorable days dodging the fuzz and playing the blues in the 1980 hit movie. Unlike later movies where the iconic glasses would make cameo appearance, they took center stage throughout The Blues Brother short reign over the streets of Chicago. “It’s dark and we’re wearing sunglasses” exemplifies the look and feel of these iconic sunglasses that are still favored around the world today.

Steve Jobs

It says a lot of our pop culture today when we look towards a computer geek for fashion tips. The late Steve Jobs, one of the original Apple creators, will always be remembered for his laid back black mock turtleneck and casual jeans. This minimalist style extended to his designer eyewear, classic round rimless glasses, similar to the John Lennon look. Manufactured by Robert Marc, it is rumored that following the death of the technological genius, sales for Jobs’ frames rose so dramatically that customers were put on three month waiting lists. This is a style that has been around for decades, moving in and out of pop culture frequently.

Designer frames make it easy to copy the look of your favorite icons, often modernizing them yet remaining true to the original design. This makes it easy to turn yourself into a famous rock star, sultry teenager, or even computer geek just by reaching for the right frames.

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